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Russ Reina January 27, 2011 at 4:37 am

from ADZ (pen name — on-line EMS Forum)

I read your book and I want to thank you for it. Granted I only just made my first year in EMS and have just started my paramedic courses, I feel that it has influenced me. Just today during a particularly long and horrible shift of many 911′s and IFT’s I found particular parts of your book coming back to me to think about yet again even though I read it over 3 months ago. I just wanted to say thank you’re book has made me think in ways that I never imagined, most of it being about the person/provider I want to become.

Once again, Thank you.

Russ Reina March 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Helper reviewed Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic … a healer’s rebirth

The heart of EMS! March 15, 2012 (On Amazon.com FIVE stars!)

This is a great book that touches the heart of what it is to be a healer in the modern emergency medical system. As a paramedic with over 16 years in the field I can attest to Russ’ eloquent stories. This book has helped me to understand my own personal struggles and triumphs in the Emergency Medical Field. For non-medical readers, this book will give your insight to a world of medicine that you can only imagine, and quickly dispel your preconceived notions, replacing them with the truth.

Russ Reina May 2, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Edumedic sent this e-mail:

Thanks for sending me a copy of your book. I really enjoyed it! I posted my review here:


My recommended read for April is Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic … a healer’s rebirth by Russ Reina. Once you get past the distasteful imagery of an EMS professional being labeled a “flesh mechanic,” you’re in for an incredible read. Reina offers his readers much more than simple street gore implied in the title. He is a genuinely talented writer with the ability to display all the thoughts, movements, and emotions of EMS in simple, yet powerful, passages. Here is one of my favorites;

“I was eyes, ears, and hands and just a feeling in the center of my chest of pure internal silence. Suspended in time and moving in a vacuum, I didn’t have a name or a job; I was movement choreographed by something much greater than myself.”

Reina explores the emotions we encounter as EMS professionals more thoroughly than most writers, and encourages his readers to do the same. He asserts that to become true healers for our patients and our peers, we must be willing to embrace our own humanity. Otherwise, we become cold, protocol-driven flesh mechanics. This compelling work is a must-read for any provider who has ever wondered why getting over “the bad ones” became easier with time.

You can pick up your own copy of the book at Reina’s website, RussReina.com. Greg Friese also did a great interview with Reina about the book, which you can find posted over at Medical Author Chat. Last, but not least, Reina is still writing about EMS over at the EMS Outside Agitator blog.

Russ Reina May 23, 2012 at 5:23 am

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