“Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic”

NON-FICTION: Underneath the lights and sirens beats the heart of a healer! The author rode the first wave of Mobile Intensive Care Unit Paramedics in the U.S. in the 1970?s. He became a reflection of allopathic medicine’s shift from hands-on patient “care” into a litigation-driven, technologically-oriented “delivery system”. Like many of his peers, he morphed into a competent “Flesh Mechanic”. Somewhere along the line he lost his soul.

In an at times painfully honest memoir, the author describes moments at the mid-point of his career that rocked him to his very core. Through sometimes harrowing, sometimes transcendental experience, his defenses were chipped away; forcing him to come to grips with the human being he had become and could no longer continue to be. By facing his demons, however, he came to better understand his place in humankind’s battle against death; now, he found himself lending a hand in the struggles of Life.

This book is for you or anyone you love who is challenged by issues of emotional, philosophic, moral, psychic or spiritual natures while serving human beings in distress. Its purpose is to get medics of all stripes talking about their personal challenges as if they mattered.

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clmanch October 19, 2010 at 3:23 pm

A great read…every chapter wonderful storeytelling…educational, serious, humorous and sad. It has it all.
Kudos to you brother and for being high among those special people dedicated to a very difficult field.
Everyone should read this to better appreciate their EMT and Paramedic system.
Your sis,

Russ Reina January 27, 2011 at 4:39 am

From ADZ, contributor to EMTlife.com, and on-line EMS Forum:


I read your book and I want to thank you for it. Granted I only just made my first year in EMS and have just started my paramedic courses, I feel that it has influenced me. Just today during a particularly long and horrible shift of many 911′s and IFT’s I found particular parts of your book coming back to me to think about yet again even though I read it over 3 months ago. I just wanted to say thank you’re book has made me think in ways that I never imagined, most of it being about the person/provider I want to become.

Once again, Thank you.